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GS100 Series
GS can take repeated impacts at 35mph, 55mph and even at 80mph.  These posts typically withstand 75 or more automotive impacts at 55mph.
With it's pop-and-go design, FlexStake Glare Screen GS is literally a snap to install.  When fully assembled, GS weighs only 13 lbs. per 12 foot section, so rails can be popped together off-site and hand carried to the barrier.  FlexStake GS needs only four to six mounting studs per section, so labor and exposure to traffic are minimal.  GS rails can be mounted on any rigid surface.  GS's narrow-paddle, all copolymer design is the most price competitive glare screen on the market.
18", 24", 30" & 36"
 Rail Lengths
10 and 12 foot sections
3.5 to 3.8 lbs per foot
 Paddle Colors
Green and Gray
 Paddle Mounting
Pop & Go, no bolts required
 Pop & Go 4 to 6 lag bolts per section
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