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The Sign and Safety industry has awarded much in the way of success and recognition to the principles of Intermountain Sign & Safety.  In July, 2009, we decided to take our heartfelt passion and nurture a business to compliment our drive for this industry.
Locally and regionally, Intermountain Sign & Safety services the needs and requirements of the following market segments:
State DOT's
Ski Resorts
General Contractors
Striping Companies
Flagging Companies
Office Parks
Real Estate Developers
Management Companies
Forest Service
Engineering / Surveying Companies
GSA Contracts
Trucking Operations
Special Events:
      Sporting Events
There are (6) things we feel are critical to achieving our goals at Intermountain Sign & Safety:
Passion: --  we truly have a passion for the industry and believe our years of industry and management experience provide a solid stepping stone for us to fan the flame of that passion into locally and regionally recognized supplier of signs and safety devices.
Vision:  --  throughout history, great accomplishments have begun with the vision of individuals.  Our vision for Intermountain Sign & Safety is that we become a catalyst for nationally recognized highway safety in the Inland Northwest.  We want to facilitate an atmosphere of unity among our Federal, State and Municipal agencies that fosters commitment to the continued implementation and enforcement of proper signage and deployment of roadway and pedestrian safety devices.  We will strive to be a beacon of information that allows our customers to make informed decisions.
Preparation:  --  success isn't a matter of luck.  It requires practice, study and strategy.  We have been practicing for many years while working within this industry.  We have studied our product lines and are confident that the products we have chosen represent our market well.  We are committed to ongoing training ensuring that you, our customer, feel confident in our industry knowledge.
Courage:  --  Norman Schwarzkopf once said "True courage is being afraid but going ahead and doing your job anyhow".  We know that life brings hardships with which we will be faced.  However we feel our life's experiences have prepared us to face these hardships with courage and fortitude that will allow us to prevail.
Perseverance:  --  No great achievement comes without obsticals.  We believe that it will take time and patience to develop a culture within the Inland Northwest that is committed to the standards of safety which we endorse.  Even in the face of budget constraints within every operation, Intermountain Sign & Safety will perservere to maintain high standards of safety without compromising quality.
Integrity:  --  The accomplishments of InterMountain to date have been built on personal systems of uncompromising standards and unwavering values.  We believe that this integrity will set the foundation for customer loyalty, vendor loyalty and a recognizable sustained market presence in this industry.
We look forward to assisting you in meeting your goals and objectives!
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Plastic Safety Fence
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